The two photos here are just before we started our Bible study from my viewpoint.
It is both an honor and a privilege to host a weekly Bible study at the Men’s ranch. Every time I come into their home, it is always an awesome experience and a blessing. I can teach these Men from novice to difficult topics from my perspective. I introduce a new outlook to a Christian Worldview.  Each study is Spiritually tailor-made for a person or a group when I prepare beforehand.  It is always humbling to do the Lord’s work and He is encouraging these men with a good Godly message. I remember the thank yous from those who were touched by a particular message, as that message pertained to them.  My spirit is always better when the study with this group of Men is over because they always enlighten my day.
It is my hopes that I may be able to record future studies for this site.  As for now, Join us on Sunday for another Glorious Day in the Lord!

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