One of the goals of our Outreach Ministry has been to expand beyond the Lunch Service at the Outreach events, to being a larger part of feeding those in need. This has begun to be realized in the past two weeks, in a big way. The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to provide food bags for all of our brothers and sisters in need that have come to the most recent Outreach Events.

The Blessings haven’t just stopped there, and by blessings, I mean the food has kept coming. It’s been amazing to see the work of the Lord to provide, for our Explosive Evangelism team to reach out more and more, giving food and prayer to those in need, homeless or just broken. In addition at our next Outreach Event (this Saturday, May 27th) there will be a LifeLine Cell Phone representative on site to sign up those in need of LifeLine Cell Phone service!

The donations that have been available have provided an abundance of food donations. To the extent that not only do we have planned further Food Give-Aways, weekly…. reoccurring Food Ministry. Not only that but our brothers were even able to give food and prayer on the way back from the latest donation! Praise the Lord, he even touched the heart of two of the needy and brought him into His embrace as the man accepted the Lord as His Savior, one brother right in the parking lot of Farmer Boys in San Bernardino and the other at a Gas Station nearby!

The Lord works, He is answering prayers – it is a breathtaking thing to be a part of.

My brothers and sisters; come join us in this work, Monday and Friday evenings at the Men’s Discipleship Ranch we have Evangelism Training and Fellowship, preparing to go out into the community on Mondays and Wednesdays with the Convalescent Ministry and on Saturdays the Community Outreach Events (which include prayer, a message about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, Lunch and the Food Ministry). We would like to extend an invitation to all of our Community to Join us in the Evangelism Ministry, helping in whatever way that we can – also, any and every brother and sister in need, please let us know how we can help.

God Bless. Thank You. Praise the Lord


Contact Us at the Ranch Office (760) 868-3805

Ernie Kilmer, Outreach Director (909) 528-3429

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