This Saturday Set Free Church of the High Desert was invited to join in the Adelanto Community Day, to celebrate unity, diversity and a sense of community with our neighbors in the city of Adelanto. The turnout was wonderful, with the obvious draw of a free lunch, live music and even raffle prizes, the people of Adelanto came out in force. The level of enthusiasm was impressive to say the least, the sun was intense (my sunburn is proof of that), however, despite the heat everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Our intention was to go and do what we do on any evangelistic event, to fellowship, provide prayer, let people know what Set Free is all about – and more than anything, to just hope that Jesus shines through our individual faults and inequities and calls to those we are privileged to encounter. Trust me, that and more happened – personally the most touching moments were the several testimonies from parents of men and women who had come through our Discipleship Ranches – one woman told me that she “finally had her daughter back.” I’ll be honest, it just about broke my heart, that is what Jesus does, that is why we are called, that is why Set Free is my home.

Also, there was prayer, prayer, prayer! That is where Christ really shines forth into the gathering of His children. Not only were the Set Free Prayer Warriors out in force, but there were prayer booths and in addition to our Pastor Ron there was the active presence of other local churches, with Pastor Jeff of New Life Church of the Nazarene and Pastor Eric of Harvest Christian Center. Praise the Lord! It was such a blessing to be present, to be part of, to experience the coming together of so many men and women of Christ.

Set Free Church of the High Desert would like to thank Another Level for Women, Pastor Harold and Ammie Hines for the invitation and the opportunity, not only for the chance to be a part of this fulfilling community experience, but also for future opportunities for us to become more active in the City of Adelanto.

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