October’s newsletter


September was a blessed month in Jesus
and we are excited for everything God is
doing in us through us and to us in the
month of October. As the Lord continues
to work through our church we are excited
for opportunities to serve him in the upcoming

months. Jesus commissions us in
Matthew 28:19

Go therefore and make
disciples of all the nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit “. That is what we do
as a church! We go and be an extension of

Outreach team seeking the lost in the riverbed

our Lord, King Jesus’ ministry on earth by
going into the highways, the by ways, the
alleys, the fields, behind dumpsters and in
riverbeds, leading the lost to Him, feeding
the hungry, loving the people that “the
world” has given up on and considers
unlovable , reaching out to them and sharing
the light of Jesus, reminding them that they

are loved and offering them an opportunity

to welcome Him into there life.
That is what our outreach crews do, they
share Jesus with the lost and the lonely
and often times offer them not merely a
meal, but love, fellowship, prayer, and
oftentimes and opportunity to get off the
streets and come to the ranches to learn
about Jesus and to build a relationship
with Him and allow Jesus to transform
their lives. Evangelism Explosion classes
are offered Mondays and Fridays at 7:30
PM at Set Free Men’s Ranch in Phelan. We

do Convalescent home ministry on Mondays

and Wednesdays and street outreach
on Saturdays. For more information about
Set Free Outreach Crew or our Food Ministry

please call Set Free Church of the High
Desert at (760) 868-3805.

Set Free Church of the High Desert operates

discipleship ranches for men an
women who desire to build a relationship
with the Lord, drawing closer to Him and
allowing Him to help them transform their
lives . These programs are available at no
cost to those distressed by life’s crises to
help individuals separate themselves from
“the world” and its daily temptations and
begin to live the life that God would have
for them, walking in His will. God has a purpose

and a plan for you! For many participants,

our ranch programs are their first
exposure to the teachings of Jesus, and
many open their hearts for the very first
time and invite him to truly be their Lord
and Savior. Sixty-Day minimum commitment

is required. For more information or
for phone intake interview, please call (760)

Come be a part—every Wednesday Night.
Join SFCHD and Pastor Scott at 6PM every
Wednesday Night on an exciting journey
through the gospel of John! Come feast in
the Lord! We look forward to seeing you


Jesus Loves You!


● Mailing Address
P.O. Box 291265
Phelan, Ca 92329 ● Ranch Office- (760) 868-3805
● Pastor Scott- (760) 985-0803

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