God Honors Our Commitment to
(Daniel 1)

In a Godless culture. At one
time, our society readily accepted
Christian values and standards, but
that era is quickly passing. Our challenge

today is to live under God’s
authority while remaining in submission

to the law of the land. At times
we are forced to choose between the
two, but if we’ll seek the Lord’s guidance

before marching defiantly forward,

He may open an alternative
approach to us.

Had Daniel bluntly declared,
“I won’t eat this food,” he wouldn’t
have lasted long and we wouldn’t
have the Book of Daniel in the Bible.
But the Lord gave him wisdom to
humbly seek permission from the
person who was in a position of authority

over him. God honored his
commitment and provided a way for
him to live righteously in a pagan

I invite you to come out and
commit with us to the Lord.

We tend to hold up Daniel
and his three friends as extraordinary
people who lived amazing lives. But
have you ever wondered what the
Lord can do in the life of an ordinary
person like you? The determining
factor is no the greatness of the individual,

but rather, his commitment to
a God who can do remarkable things
in a life fully devoted to Him.




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