My Name is Drew Dubuque.

I am 32 years old. I
have been with Set Free
now for just over a year.
Now I am a true believer in
Jesus Christ. I have not always

known God or His
Son. I was born and raised
in Ontario, CA and I didn’t
have it easy as a kid. My
Mom and Dad were both
drug users and I was
around it a lot because I
would cry if my mom
would leave me. So I saw a
lot. My mom worked hard
to keep us fed and to keep
a roof over our heads and
she did great, but meth and
“the life” was always there.
My dad was my most important

person to me. He
was a good Dad but one
thing I got from him was
his beliefs in racism. He
didn’t like black people or
any person who was not
white, so I thought the
same way. I grew up and
became a skinhead. I never
went to high school. I was
too busy with drugs, girls,
and gangs. I was really into
tagging and gangs ever
since I was a kid. I ended
up getting locked up over
the dumb stuff I was into. I
ran with a group of people
that did the devils work. I
was from the West End. It’s
a gang of skinheads and we
would rob and take anything

we wanted. I have
even killed for the things
that I needed and believed
in. Then the last time I got
out of jail, I was out for 7
days and got stabbed at a
park and my mom asked
me to please make a change
in my life. I thought what
could be the worst that
could happen. I just wanted
to get away from the BS
that was going on. So I said
“yes.” My uncle took me to
a place up the hill called
Set Free. I was here for
sixty-days and I really
thought I came to find God.
I was wrong. I went back to
“the world” and went right
back to meth and the gang,
but there was something
different about it. So I
moved up the hill with my
s i s t e r , a n d s t i l l — something

was missing. I
went back to the ranch but
left because I missed my
girlfriend. I put her before
God and that was all bad.
Then her and I broke up
and I knew there was only
one placed in the world I
needed to be and that was

at Set Free. I knew that
God was calling me there. I
felt it in my heart. I needed
to get right with the Lord. I
have been in and out of Set
Free for a year now and it
has finally taken hold of
my life. I am Saved, I love
God and I know that I am
going to heaven! I will
never backslide again, I
can’t! Jesus is in my heart,
He won’t leave me and I
thank God every day for
the ranch. I can’t wait to go
back to the world and show
them Jesus!


-Drew Dubuque

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