Romans 5:20 “Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.”

My name is Cindy Ritter and I am 51 years old. I’ve been addicted to drugs and alcohol for most of my life. I ran away from home for the first time when I was 9 years old. I dropped out of school when I was in the ninth grade, but I did go back and get my GED some years later. My parents never went to church, never mentioned God. I went to Sunday school occasionally with my grandmother and grandfather. Well when I was 30 years old heavy in my addiction, I decided I wanted to get married and have a baby of course a huge mistake and I knew nothing about being a wife or a mother. My husband was an addict and abusive. Skyler got taken away from me and my husband when she was 5 years old. My parents got her out of the system and adopted her. I was devastated so I tried to get sober. Again and again, rehab after rehab. I just couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get it. And Skyler, y daughter just kept get- ting further and further away. I went to Set Free Cabazon in 1999. There is where I started learning about God. I believed and I had faith, but it was just a seed. Unfortunately I didn’t stay in my word I continue to struggle with my addictions and went back to my abusive husband. Finally I had enough of him and divorced him. Thinking that I would get better without him, I didn’t. I got worse.  I had met another guy who was worse and we were traveling in a car that was stolen (I didn’t know it) to Arkansas when we got pulled over at a speed trap and got put in jail. We were in Oklahoma my aunt Pauline who was a wonderful very Godly woman picked me up from jail and I stayed with her in Oklahoma. She took me to church and gave me my first Bible that I still have to this day and she watered that seed and watered it–and it grew and grew. I stayed with her for 2 months and came back to California. My life started changing after that. I still struggled with alcohol but I finally gave that up. My daughter Skyler is 15 now and I am barely getting to know her, but I’m getting there. Coming to Set Free this time was to get closer to Jesus and work on getting as much knowledge and under- standing as I can so I can pass it along to my daughter now and hopefully my mother and father. Also my brother Jeff passed away 7 years ago in a car accident which was tragic but a few months before he passed, he started going to church with his new girlfriend and he got saved. So I know I will see him in heaven. This time at Set Free has been really great I am almost done with my 60 days and it’s been very helpful I have been able to learn a lot more and get into my Word and develop a much more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Pray for me! My family’s waiting.



— Cindy Ritter


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