Jesus taught His Disciples how to pray in Matthew Chapter 6, what many call “The Lord’s Prayer” In Tonight’s Bible Study, Pastor Ron Led us through the prayer that Jesus actually prayed recorded in the Gospel of John Chapter 17.


Remember in John 16 Jesus shared with His Disciples about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, that He must go but He would not leave them comfortless, the Holy Spirit will be with them. In tonights Chapter Jesus prays for Himself, having finished His ministry on earth, preparing for his death and ressurection, and anticipating his return to His rightful place in heaven with His Father as had been eternally. He prays for His Disciples knowing that He must leave them, realizing that they will miss Him, knowing that they will face persecution and suffering, that they may be emboldened and empowered to spread the gospel message to those who would believe that they might have eternal life. Then Jesus prayed for future believers, people who read the Word’s brought forth by His Disciples who will receive the simple Gospel message…BELIEVE.

Refreshments were served.

Remember Always


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