It all started on July 11th, when my son Angelo Zackry was born. My wife tested dirty for weed at the hospital so she called me right away to say sorry that she rested dirty and that the next day the social worker was coming by the house to talk to me. I was scared. I have never been so worried before. So they showed up on the 12th and we talked. She said she ran my name and found out I had a history of drugs and jail so she said she was going to have a few words with her supervisor to see if they were just going to take Angelo so she left. The next day on the 13th, was my son Nehemiah’s birthday party and they ended up showing up and taking them away. I went to the hospital and gave Lina a piece of my mind. I felt like I failed. My family had never experienced anything like that. I lost the respect I had from all my family. I hated Lina for what happened. I was hurt and confused. I didn’t realize Lina must be feeling somewhat worse. I mean she just gave birth; they let her feed him twice and they took Angelo away. A few days pass and they released her and she came home to a house empty of kids. She never got a chance to say goodbye, so she was crying her eyes out, feeling lower than scum. My dad didn’t even want her in the house. The next day I cried along with her and she asked me to marry her. She was constantly praying for our kids. I married her. I had enough baby’s mamas. I wanted my kids back with their mom and dad together, just the way they last saw us. So we took our drug classes and passed, but the whole time I thought I was slick, going around the loop holes. We got to the phase where we had overnight visits and that’s when I tested dirty twice and I messed everything up. The old feeling of being a loser was back. I let my kids and my family down again. I turned to Lina and said,” I needed to know Jesus-I needed spiritual help. I have to correct this.” I found out about Set Free and I learned so much about God. I went to court expecting to sign over my rights to Lina since she was further in her case. I prayed-so much so when I seen the Judge, he saw the compassion in my eyes and gave me another chance! Since I have been here, Jesus has blessed my kids returning back home along with my new born Shiloh Audriella. Not to mention Jesus sent me a Godly woman a long time ago but in my evil ways I would ignore her invites to church. I do realize now what Lina was always telling me-to put God above all. Put all trust and faith in the Lord. Now I have my family back and the respect of my family back. Not only that, but I have found a new family here as well, at Set Free Men’s Ranch in Phelan.
-God Bless and Amen
Steve Raya

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