Robert Vasquez’ Testimony

Hello my name is Robert V (AKA Lil Rob) and this is my testimony and background of my life. I was just living life not knowing anything legit or positive in life or society. I was a gang member from South Colton, a drug addict, and an alcoholic, booted out of everywhere I went. My family lost all hope and respect and gave up on me, not caring if I made it or not when I got released from prison in 2016 after doing a year upstate. I kept telling myself “I’m going to do better next time around. 3 violations after getting out showed me I was slipping into old ways of living. Then I came to Set Free, broken and wanting a second chance in life. Set Free helped me out tremendously. I got off parole (having 8 years hanging over my head.) I met my beautiful fiancé who I am deeply in love with.—Lorraine S., and my handsome stepson Woody, who I love also. And because the Lord has been my guide and teacher, my life couldn’t have been any better. I thank the Lord for the restoration and new behaviors I have and for putting my family back in my life. This is truly a blessing to see how the Lord works and is still working. Thank You Set Free! Robert Vasquez.

2 thoughts on “Robert Vasquez’ Testimony

  1. Hey Lil Rob,
    Love seeing how God is working in your life. Congrats on your engagement. I know you two will be happy together. Just remember; ONE phone in a relationship is all you need. Any more will just cause problems. Love you guys!

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