Anthony Case’s Testimony

My testimony

I’m Anthony I am twenty-three I’m from a small town called Yuba City, CA. Growing up my parents were in church. I loved church when I was a kid my father was a pastor at Calvary Temple in YC I always looked forward to going to church Sunday school and such. Everything took a turn when I was around ten years old my parents were always fighting before but things got to be serious so they divorced but it was ugly at the end my father quit being a pastor and started doing drugs again I would get hit in the face for not getting up for school, I would go home to my parents yelling at the top of their lungs to each other and the very last incident was coming home to my dad choking my mother and all I remember from it was grabbing one of the pokers from the fireplace and hitting him with it and making him stop he was arrested and that was the last I saw of him in a long time a couple years passed by and I was twelve almost thirteen I would ditch school to go smoke weed with my friends because I could never focus on my school work I just didn’t care anymore and it got worse from there not ever turning to god or listening to what my mom would say when she would read me the bible I would hate listening to it because I thought to myself at the time if god was real why would he let my father turn back to his old ways especially being a pastor a mouth piece of God’s work I was so frustrated by the time I hit fourteen I went into high school and started selling drugs for my friends I joined a gang I went crazy everything was bad a lot happened that is hard to talk about to this very day stuff I don’t think I could ever confess about but skip forward a few more years I was seventeen out in a small town of Colusa not even fifteen miles from my home town where I dropped out of high school and started full time work for the gang it got so bad to a point that I ended up confessing it all to my mom and we moved to Sacramento with my sister and when I moved there explaining my situation my sister and her fiancé at the time all considered on moving down to Escondido in San Diego county so we packed everything up and made the six hundred mile trip down to San Diego where everything was good I got a job at the cheesecake factory at the following year and praying with my mom not going to church but trying to be a part of the word and be a Christian but then again I started hanging out with the wrong crowd I started going to a studio to make rap songs with these guys that stayed in the same apartment complex as me went right back to drinking and smoking weed things weren’t so crazy but after my sister found out who I was hanging out with she flipped out and wanted me out but she gave me the choice to go to San Diego Job Corps which I took the opportunity and everything was perfect I had money I got my High School Diploma, I got certified in Carpentry and Computer Tech and managed having a girlfriend that was in my opinion way out of my league but she loved me so I thought but as every relationship goes when you’re young we started fighting so I started drinking and drugging and got myself kicked out of SDJC for failing a drug test I stayed in National City at my friends aunts house still doing drugs really bad and kept a job for a while until my friends aunt no longer wanted me around because she thought I was trafficking across the border because that’s what my friend does and I told her no I’m not a part of it but then she caught us all helping the guy take magnets off the electrical taped bricks so I had to leave not much money I had to leave and go downtown to the homeless shelter because my pride wouldn’t allow me to go anywhere else ask friends or anything so I prayed on my knees in my room at the house right before I left I asked him lord direct my paths let me do good stop letting me fall farther and farther and I packed my stuff up and left then I get a call from my sister as soon as I showed up with my stuff at the homeless shelter that she found out from my mom I was about to be in a homeless shelter she came all the way from Murrieta took a day off work and got me I was so thankful I thanked her and Jesus so much but I still had a bad addiction to drugs and it wasn’t weed it was meth I got to her house and immediately left to go down to the store which I of course got a new connect and thought I was sly doing the same thing I was doing before and so when I was at work my sister found a baggie in my dresser when she was putting new socks in my drawer and when I got home she was really mad and said you’ve betrayed me again this time you brought drugs into my home I cried and told her I was so sorry and she just wanted me to leave and my mom tried to stand up for me but just ended up getting mad and packing her stuff too and we left we were homeless for a week and half having to find places to sleep and make a small ninety’s Saturn comfortable for two we called around and kept getting denied so we kept just driving north from Murrieta hitting lake Elsinore, riverside, Colton, and then Phelan which we were in the parking lot at Stater Brothers and we both called to the men and women’s ranches and prayed beforehand what we could come and they welcomed both of us with open arms my mom didn’t last very long she was wanting to get a job so she moved back up to northern California with the help of my aunt and uncle but I am so happy thanking god for everything I’ve been clean and seeking Jesus more than I ever have in my life it’s been four months now in Set Free in between Phelan and the L.A. house I’m deeply rooted in Christ and now just letting him take the wheel. I’m so thankful I have Jesus in my life now

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