Tona’s Testimony

My name is Tonatiuh Iniguez. I Am 35 years old. I was born in Los Angeles CA to my wonderful mother Amelia Osorio. I had a biological father named Rafael.  His name and his “tough love” is all that I remember of him. That was 31 years ago. I grew up in Burbank CA, when gang violence was terrible. My mother worked to support her 3 kids. My older brother, me the middle child and my younger sister. It was tough growing up. My mom signed me up to play baseball one Saturday morning. I never picked a baseball in my young life before. I instantly fell in love with game. I still love the game till this day. We were a strong family. {Still are} It wasn’t till I was 10 years when I witness a terrible driving shooting just outside of our home.  We moved to Moorpark CA, in 1994. The year of the Northridge quake. We lived in Moorpark for a yr. it was nice. Won the little league championship that year. Than we moved to Simi Valley CA. in 95. That is where I was introduced to marijuana alcohol and methamphetamines and other drugs. I had a really good home life. My mother married a man named Roger Willcutt. He is an amazing man. He truly is a god sent not only for me and my siblings but to my mother as well. They are still married to this day 20 + years. {and he still won’t go away lol} I love my parents very much. My high school life was filled with parties, girls and running amuck. I didn’t get into too much trouble nor should I say I didn’t get caught as much as I should have. But never the less my experience in Simi Valley was okay at best. Now, this is part of my life where it takes a turn for the worse as they say, I moved to Apple Valley CA in 2006. It started out okay. I had a great job working for Lowes. Lost that job because I blew out my knee and I turned to meth and alcohol to cure me. Not by doctors orders. So it healed to a degree and I hadn’t been able to hold a job since… the year of 2016,… at this point in my life, I managed to quit doing meth after 12 years of doing it yuk. But what I didn’t see coming was the alcohol. I became a full blown alcoholic.  was and still am dating this women. I true gift from god. My drinking got very very bad and ugly. Needless to say I needed help. My best friend {my lady} tried so hard to help me. I was open and willing for the help. I tried everything, therapy, counseling, mumbo jumbo stuff. Nothing worked for me because I was very selfish and narrow-minded. Till one day I walked into my parent’s kitchen and both of them were standing there with a green flyer with a bunch of numbers and locations. Only one highlighted. Set Free…. I said okay. Let’s do this. I get to the ranch in April of 2016. Jeremiah gives me a great big bear hug. Cause he was the size of a bear. It was an amazing experience. I gave my life to the lord on May 9th 2016. Was baptized on May 16th 2016. Things were great. I blessed out in June. Came home. I said those 3 dreaded 3 words… “I got this”. Went right back to the ranch a week or so later. Stayed 30 days. Lasted almost 2 weeks than went to Lake Elsinore. All bad at this point. The only thing that kept me going was my faith in Jesus Christ. He was there to comfort me. I came home in October of that year.  Got a job at target. I was still drinking in secret or I thought I was. I thought I was fooling the world. NOPE!!! I was so blind to the world. I held my job at target for about a year. Lost that job. Am beautiful lady is still with me. I think I should test her for craziness or something, but she truly loves me as I truly love her as well. She is very special and important in my walk. She is a very godly woman as well. She has not given up on me or us. So, 2018 rolls around, I by far had and lost the best job I had ever had working in the plumbing business. I drank that job away. Stumbled badly. On Valentine’s Day of this year I went to another program called Teen Challenge. Wonderful program.  I was doing great; I was dismissed for breaking a rule. A small rule but never the less a rule is a rule. Sin is sin, no matter how small. That happened on August 28th. August 29th I was back on the dirt. BEST DECISION EVER!!! The Lord is awesome!!! He brought me back home. My parents and my love were soooo mad at me for getting dismissed from the program but it was in God’s plan to bring me here. Not only has my relationship with my parents gotten better my relationship with my love, has gotten stronger. But the strongest relationship that has even gotten STRONGER is with my savior. The Lord has shown me so much. Patience, letting go of what I can’t control. I finally understand what it means, that if I can not be in trusted with the small things in life and when no one is watching, than how on Gods beautiful green earth will He ever trust or bless me with the big things. My baby’s heart, my parents. Those are the big things. Being on the ranch, I have been trusted so much around here for that am proud of. I bless put soon, I get to go home. I have a career job waiting for me starting in the New Year. All this because I surrendered and trusted and will continue to trust in the Lord. I know all this is only possible because of Him. No more coincidences. Thank you Jesus. Without you none of this is possible. Thank you Set Free. I love you mama, pops and my Lenor….. Jeremiah 29:11 and Philemon 1:15&16

2 thoughts on “Tona’s Testimony

  1. Beautiful testimony! Thank you so much for sharing. May God bless you with His peace that surpasses all understanding. Keep your mind and heart on Christ always.

  2. Hi
    Id love to get in contact with Tona .
    We’ve been looking for him for many years . Glad he found god and is doing well .
    Adam & Gina N

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