Testimony–Gina Hughes

This is not my first time at Set Free Women’s Ranch,  I was here two years ago and had walked from the program and did not finish my 60 days. This time I was homeless in Victorville , CA and lost my kids to CPS  I had nowhere to go so I called Set Free Women’s Ranch in Phelan ,CA and talked to “Miss A” and asked her if she remembered me and she told me I can come in to the program when I got to the ranch I let her know that I have an open cps case but probably will not get to talk or see my kids on the following Tuesday I called my worker to tell him where I was and told him if I can see my kids that would be great but if not that’s ok too that night in circle payer I prayed to god asking him to keep my kids safe and if his will to let me see them then that will be two days later miss A called and I went to her and she told me that my son tony was coming to see me the following week I was so happy and gave god all the glory after that I prayed and asked god to see my daughter and within a week  miss A called me and told me that my daughter was coming to see me and again I gave god all the glory now I am going to see my son for his birthday and I am going to give god all the glory there is not one day that I have been here that god has not answered my prayers I have two weeks left here and god blessed me to a work home thank you Jesus for all the wonderful things that you are doing in my life I give you all the glory lord and there is not enough thanks you in the world for the things you have done for me in Jesus name Amen

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