Set Free Family Day!

Jesus is in the ministry of reconcilliation and restoration. Our Family Days facilitates that opportunity for me and women in our discipleship homes to realize these blessings in their lives. Whether you have family in the homes or you are a part of our extended Family in Jesus, you won’t be sorry you came and spent he day with us! We enjoyed an awesome time of worship basking in the presence of God, listened to a powerful message about forgiveness (consider it mandatory) from professor Mike, witnessed two men outwardly demonstrate the inward change Christ has made in their lives receiving baptism. Then we shared in some food, fun, and fellowship enjoying a potluck!

Every Day is a blessed day in Jesus, why don’t you spend Sundays with us? Service begins at 10A. We meet at 4128 Warbler Road in Phelan. Come be a part of everything Jesus is doing in us, through us, and to us at Set Free. For more information please call 760 868-3805. JESUS LOVES YOU!

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