I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and grew up as they say “old fashioned”. My Father was a hard worker and no non sense. He was strict and put fear into our hearts at a very young age. My mom then divorced my dad and she raised 3 boys and one girl on her own. That fear that my dad left in us quickly turned to anger and I was constantly in trouble. At age 13 I started to drink and use drugs of all kinds… I went nowhere fast… at the age of 16 me and my brother left home to try and work and quit school. My brother Junior was my best friend and Its was me and him wherever we went… we stayed in trouble out there until I reached the age of 18 and I met my first daughters mom .. Had a beautiful little girl named Daisy and a wonderful step daughter named Angela who at the time was 2. I thought then this would settle me down and I could finally get right and do the right thing for my girls… I was mistaken. There was always a void. Nothing could fill it… not drugs not alcohol not even my family. So I searched to fill that void losing sight of my family and focusing more on drugs and alcohol… this time Meth.During this time a man came to my house and asked me if ive ever received Christ and I shunned him for almost a month. Reluctantly I finally agreed to the sinner’s prayer not knowing that it would save my soul. This was in 2001. I lost sight of God and because I didn’t have that” feeling “ If only I knew back then that it is by faith that we are saved thru grace. I was looking for a feeling. I found feeling again in anger fear meth and alcohol. Meth sunk its claws into me and I started to do things like robberies and I was finally caught and went to prison for the first time in 2004 for armed robbery and was sentenced to 3 yrs. After that in prison I could hear God calling to me. I was constantly in trouble… imagine that… God takes me out of the world to focus on Him and here I am doing what the world expects.  God then allowed my own backsliding to correct me and my own sin to rebuke me. I ended up in the hole for 11 months due to a riot. There I ask God to come into my life and to change my heart. He did I was released and after about a few years it was back to meth and this time I looked for help in rehabs… while I was in rehab God called my bestfriend home .. My brother Junior committed suicide at the age of 32 and then I was angry at God. There was an excuse now to not be a man of God a father to my girls and a good man to my then fiancée. Things were going out of control fast… Just then God closed all the doors… family, girlfriends, friends…jobs everything was shut to me… everything except the Ranch. I heard about the ranch in county jail and decided enough was enough. My life had been completely unmanageable. So much pain and so much anger and hurt. More than is written in this testimony. From 5150 to county to rehabs to self righteousness and So much more but God has had a plan. His plan is to complete the good work that He has started in me. Here at the ranch I’ve been shut out of the world and its cares. Here I finally get the scripture “if any man be in Christ he is a new creation”. Today with the studying homework prayer and meditation and with faith in His Word… I believe. I accept and receive God word with Joy. Broken…no not broken but shatterd God has giving me a new hope a new life thru Jesus Christ alone. BY believing His word and trusting fully on Him I am a new man. Thru Christ I can create the new man of God with love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness and self-control. Christ has allowed that old man in me to die to be crucified with Him. The Spirit has giving me a new life. All hate, fear, anger and addiction have passed away… Behold all things have become new… Praise is to my God and Father of My Lord Jesus Christ who alone can transform your hearts and minds… If we just give Him a chance… Stop fighting it and don’t wait till something terrible happens before you surrender… allow him to work in you… trust and surrender and I know its easier said than done but if God can change this sinner into a new man than He can change you to. Just let go!!  I pray that God may grant you peace and joy that only comes from Him and Him alone. Peace to all you who are fighting this good fight with courage enough to answer the call. Amen and Amen.

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