Testimony–Darryl Keith

Hello my name is Daryl Keith I am 29 years old.  As a kid I was full of joy and happiness as most kids are. Then came fifth grade and I started not to fit in any more. I started to get in trouble at school a lot getting red slips getting suspended and I tried everything to fit in even the stuff I wasn’t so proud of. I ended up going to California charter academy a military school witch I loved. I excelled in the school and did amazing. then came high school I was in track cross country and wrestling I made it to varsity  lettered and all  I was a c and b student till my senior year and I wanted to join the military so I had to pull my grades up . So I cracked down and gave it my all. I ended up graduating with a 3.9 grade point average and I went to the recruiter’s office to enlist. I took my asvab scored a 78 and they were excited to have me be a part of the team. Well I had gotten into trouble and had a felony at 11. So we had to fix that at the court office. Witch wasn’t easy once that was done I went down to MEPS in LA to swear in and go through medical screening. When the medical report came back they said I couldn’t join because I would be a liability on the field. So my dreams where crushed and I lost hope. So I had a hole in side me and I longed for it to be filed so I tried everything under the sun to fill that whole drugs alcohol etc. but they were just temporary. After it was all said and done the hole just seemed to get deeper   I ended up going to jail several times trying to fill that hole and got to the point where I was only surviving worn out and tired of trying I got released this last time and a friend Steven Goodman told me about set free. I seen such a dramatic change in how walk and his happiness. So I decided to call them up I have been here for about 60 days now and for the first time in my life that hole is gone and it so amazing. I thought that I was always going to have it.  I encourage you if you have something in your life that’s hindering you or your fell something is missing  and you can’t figure it out no matter hard you try  or maybe your lost and you just want someone to listen  .  This is the place I came here hopeless broken down and out on the streets .set free gave me hope and I am forever grateful and it was all god working through every one here  to build me up . when a brother or sister louses hope we lose everything and I have so much hope now (Hebrews 11:1 now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen ) I reached out and grabbed it with everything I got and I am not letting go  . if you seek you shall find if you knock the door will be opened  come knock  and you will be surprised in what god and this ranch can do for you I knocked and he set me free !

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