Sunday Service Recap

JESUS LOVES YOU! (Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time, JESUS LOVES YOU! Christo Te Amo. Our services are a blessed time of Prayer and Praise, of Fellowship, Teaching and more. Worshipping Jesus anywhere is great worshipping together with you would be awesome. This Sunday really rocks as its our monthly Family Day! Family day provides an opportunity for extended fellowship, as well as baptisms and a potluck. In case you weren’t with us this week…this is how we roll at Set Free…CHECK IT OUT! Here are some highlights from this weeks service!



Jesus is still on the throne! What a privilege it is to gather together in His Name and worship Him! That’s what Family Day is all about! We celebrate Jesus together as a Family! We pray together as a family (and the family that prays together stays together). We worship together; we learn and grow Together! We testify about the power and goodness of the Lord in our lives-Together! We witness men and women outwardly demonstrate the change Jesus made in them, being buried with Him in His death and raised in His resurrection–Together! Come be part! Our Family Day Service begins Sunday March 17th, 2018 at 10A. We meet in the Phelan Community Center–4128 Warbler Rd in Phelan. For more information please call 760 868-3805. JESUS LOVES YOU!

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