It’s a Celebration!

I believe in my heart that there are many friends and believers here on facebook and the web that would love to have a part of participating in the mighty work the LORD is doing in our ministry. So I got to thinking, Weddings have registries, Babies have baby showers, you get the idea (LOL). Yes we’re having a 4.4 acre “baby”! LOL. I might be very silly, but the mission is of the utmost eternal importance. So having said this, here is a brief “wish list”, “registry” or what ever you will call it. Some items are absolute necessities, some are wants.
1. Double Wide or Single Wide Mobile Homes in good condition (Donation Please….we are 501/C3 Non Profit and can give tax writeoff) NEED!
2. Double Wide Transportation Service NEED!
3. Solar/Windmills (Would Like)
4. Fencing Material NEED!
5. Pipes, etc for infrastructure…putting in new propane tanks, and some new plumbing. NEED!
6. Food Grade Kitchen Equipment….such as a stainless steel Double Sink, with cabinitry to mount it in…(would like, sink in kitchen is very small and we wash a lot of dishes)
7. Sheds/Outbuildings
8. New Plastic Bowls/Silverware, etc.
9. Metal Bunk Beds/ New Mattresses

10. Finances—Have a part in the fruit for the Lord that this ministry produces. I have personally been a vessel God has used to plant seed in over 3000 men! God uses this ministry in a vital way. EVERY BIT HELPS! $20s, $50s, and $100 donations add up, and when given on a monthly basis give us a cushion of stability in moving forward! Any Love Gift is genuinely appreciated (by the LORD, and by us his humble servants).

Whatever the Lord Puts on Your Heart to give, remember we are a 501/c3 non profit corporation and all donations are tax deductable. To find out more on how give and be a part of this great mission for the LORD please call Chaplain Jeremiah @ 760-265-2600 or email me at Thank you and God bless!

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