2 thoughts on “Parting Words (Excerpt from GODS RANCH:THE MOVIE

  1. Dear Servants of God!,

    Greetings in Jesus Name our Lord and savior the soon coming King.

    We are very much impressed to discover your ministry and your excellent teachings of Jesus Christ that you provide to your saints for effective and comprehensive Christian faith- based. And on behalf of our young independent Fellowship [ GETACHO CHRIST FAITH FELLOWSHIP ] , we send a prayer request to consider us of receiving your Ministry’s printable teaching materials and welcoming you to visit us as well as conduct a seminar in our young fellowship & communities here in East Africa when the Lord’s right time.

    We are a small fellowship that is interesting on spreading the truth from the Holy Bible to unreachable souls who’re many again do reach house to house to pray for widows , poor in faith and needy children who’re under our fellowship also we have a small Scale farming & few chickens that supports us to meet some of the needs of those we meet. We need a spiritual leader and guidance for the Spiritual growth as it is written in the Bible.

    We do meet and share the word of God from the Holy Bible.

    Will be happy to read from you when the Lord our father allows you!


    God bless you !

    Much thanks,

    Yours in His Holy Service,

    Brother Isaac & Sister Everlyne

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