Testimony–Ronald Loftin

God has done for me what he can do for you. He took this broken man in all areas of his life and gave me a vision; the vision of hope through Jesus Christ.

The Vision was showing me a much more gratifying way of living more abundantly with brothers and sisters that care and love with the love of Jesus Christ.

My life was so unbearable that I had nothing and no more roads to travel. People that called themselves my friends were trying to kill me whenever they realized that I was different.

I was mentally unable to function at their capacity and needed that road that came next.

That road couldn’t have come at a better time. Jesus re-entered my life and gave me what I couldn’t achieve on my own.

He gave me His Father and the Power to have access not only to Him but the authority to access whatever I needed for a successful life in Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

You can also join in this life if you believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead and confess that Jesus is Lord. God will give you salvation.


Ronald Loftin

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