Rafael Ramirez’ Testimony

God’s Ranch truly saved me. Being a young kid, I was brought up with the idea there was no God. So I lived my life that way, leaning on my own understanding always. All it did was get me not only into trouble, but anger and sadness. From that I thought it would be better to numb myself with drugs. I started at such a young age and had a child at 21 with a girl I loved but drugs ruined that and got me a criminal record, thrown into jail numerous times. So I couldn’t be a truly good father because my focus was elsewhere. I ended up stealing and becoming homeless. At that point is when I knew something needed to change but I never thought it would be God to do it. I just figured I needed to get sober so I started looking for rehabs but couldn’t find one to take me in without insurance or money. I did call God’s Ranch multiple times but always hung up hearing that I wouldn’t be able to see my son. So I kept looking and found nothing. Realizing that God’s Ranch was going to be the only one to take me in with open arms, I went. Now, still being a nonbeliever I was scare, but seeing the love from the guys here and the commitment I decided to really try to give myself to Christ because I wanted the same peace these guys have here. And I made that step completely giving my life to Christ and later being baptized. These 90 days here have been the best and most peaceful days of my life and all the glory goes to God for that. I finally feel ready to live my life with Christ and be the father I’ve always wanted to be. All thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m finally free from my sinful nature.

–Rafael Ramirez

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