Hello My Name is Risa…

I just want to start by giving the Lord all the honor, all the praise and all the glory. I first gave my life to the Lord in 1999, twenty-one years ago. I came to the ranch in January of 2020 because I heard the voice of the Lord tell me to come here, not just because I needed healing for my heart and answers but also because I knew what the future held with this covid-19 virus. All I can say is I’m grateful I heard His voice and was obedient in coming here. If I had not listened I would have been all alone on forty acres in fear I assume. I’m glad to be in the hands of Jesus and among other believers in such an uncertain time in the world. I have been so blessed in being here not just for myself but also to have met and spent time getting to know and help the ladies here at the ranch. I am grateful to have the business skills I have from being a Real Estate Agent for 20 Years and having a Computer and Portable Wi-Fi. I have been able to bless the ladies here including myself by filing for our stimulus checks to help in blessing the ranch. In being here, He has healed my heart and gave me the answers I have searched for. Ultimately, He is the Answer!

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