Testimony—Steven Lopez

Hello, My Name is Steven Lopez. This is my fourth time in 8 years at the ranch. I felt called for the first time in 2012, At least the first time I acknowledged it. Before that I had thirty years of addiction, seven prison terms, and about ten violations. Now thanks to the grace of God that is all in my past (2 Cor 5:17). At first I didn’t understand why someone like me would be called of God. I had thought because of the things I had done that forgiveness of sins was not possible, but that was before I developed a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now I know being a Christian doesn’t mean I’m sinless—to me it means that I sin less, yet I have 1 Jn 1:9 to clear the way for my sins when I miss the mark. Life isn’t always easy so I rely on Phil 4:13 to get me through the valleys so that I can get to what it is that the Lord has given me to learn so that I could be of more use to Him. Recently I tried to go back home, but it didn’t work. After coming back to the ranch in October, I came back different. But I believe that God allowed me that so that I know that part of my life is over; now I can be truly devoted to serving God. Now I try to stay studying His Holy Word, so as to show myself a workman rightly discerning His Word (2 Tim 2:!5). I believe that might be why Jesus called me. Some people might be able to realize throughout my life that they are not alone. As I wait for the Lord to open the right door for me in His time, I will try and be patient and serve Him here at the ranch. I thought about blessing out but I kept encountering closed doors. What doors he opens no man can close, what doors he closes no man can open. Thank you Jesus.


Your Brother-In –Christ

Steven Lopez

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