Testimony-Joaquin Lepe

My name is Joaquin Lepe-Maycotte, Born in Encinitas, CA raised in Coachella CA. I am at God’s Ranch Christian Discipleship. I have been here since May 14th, 2020. On April 26th I made a decision to do and take every opportunity to repent. I got tired of being tired, tired of hurting everyone around me. I realized how much my actions were hurting everyone around me. I was an addict addicted to heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, syringes, violence, misery, and the art of leading people down my own path for many years. I did everything I could think of to fill this void inside of me with the wrong stuff. April 23rd I had a spiritual awakening. I had a vision, dream illusion or whatever you want to call it. It was all real for it to be in illusion and yet it felt like an eternity. I can’t put everything down that I saw and I wasn’t on any drugs hat whole day, either. That’s what made it feel more real. In this vision I learned that I was spiritually dead, but God was with me the whole time. Ever since I decided to turn my life around, my family opened the doors for me. I got blessed with a car and a job. I know I am still not ready. So here I am at God’s Ranch seeking my purpose to do the will of God and I’m finding peace love and joy in this, what I have been trying to find in the wrong places.  I want to learn more. God Bless!

Joaquin Lepe

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