Testimony-Andrew Killion

My name is Andrew Killion and I am 33 years old. Life growing up was not really the best. As I got into my teenager years I started smoking weed and drinking. Just doing what I wanted to do I didn’t really have any home structure. At the age of 17 I was arrested and was facing serious charges. I was let out 18 months later. Still trying to find myself I found myself a job at a liquor store and the drinking continued. At the age of 22 I meet the woman of my dreams and we move in together in our house and start to make a life. Still drinking and thinking everything was ok. After a couple of years we were expecting a child. But after 8 months we lost our firstborn and a week later our house burned down with everything we owed. I knew about God but haven’t given my life to him yet. The drinking started getting worse. But I got a new job as a plumber and started over. I got married to the love of my life and was getting blessed with two beautiful daughters. But I still had a drinking problem. Even with a wife, kids, a great a job, still something was missing. My actions finally caught up with me when I got a D.U.I and lost my job, and almost my family. I came to the Ranch and found God, that thing that was missing in my life. But now God has made Himself known in my life. I now see He has been there the whole time and has totally blessed me. He has called me back because He still has things for me to learn. But He has also kept my family there for me and me here for a reason. Now that I have truly surrendered my life to Him and am now letting Him guide and direct me, I have the peace in my heart and can see He is in control of my life. I am forever grateful and am looking forward for the things He has in store for me

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