Testimony–Brendon Anderson

I had a decent job and was doing okay in life. I took a vacation from work to find a room to rent because there were issues at the house I was living at. I drank too much and neglected to find a room to rent at the start of the COVID pandemic. I was living in my car for two months and my car battery died in the desert. I made a campfire for a few days being out there. My family wouldn’t give my car a jump and I was having disagreements with them about that. The cops came and I was arrested for the campfire and that violated my probation. I was almost done with probation too. If I had focused on God instead of worrying about the issues I had at the place I lived I would still be doing good in life, being able to help my family. If God’s Ranch wasn’t here, I would have been homeless after getting out of jail and my life wouldn’t have been on the fast track of getting back to being well off. I have to keep my focus on Jesus’ teachings and God’s love and I’ll be okay. If I forget, my life can get worse or maybe end.

Brendon Anderson

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