Testimony–Joe Graham

Hello, my name is Joe Graham. I am from Rancho Cucamonga, originally from a small town in Missouri. I grew up in a rural farm community which was fairly religious, Christian. However I was not. I started running away from any kind of church activities as soon as I was 12 YO. And began my drinking/drug career. Before I left the church though, I stole a $50.00 bill from my friend’s Dad’s wallet and put it in the offering plate. I felt a strong need to be noticed. I spent the next 12 years partying, in and out of jails and treatment centers and I was definitely noticed, but in all the wrong ways. I didn’t set foot back into any church until I met my wife Shirley. She is a very religious woman and I did try to get closer to God at that point. One thing I have learned after being married for twenty-five years to a Christian is that opposites attract. I was in no way or shape following God’s plan. I was first introduced to Set Free (now God’s Ranch) in 2012. After completion, I was clean and sober for over four years. I was more willing to do things right. But eventually I was like the seed on thorny ground. Material things and the worries of the world became more important. By 2016 I had been back to Set Free three times. At lease I was lucky enough to know where my home away from home was. I have learned through this process that God never gave up on me. I was the one at fault for running away from Him. In the past year my off and on alcohol and drug abuse had taken its toll on my family, as well as my own physical, spiritual and mental health.  I became so far distant from God that I had no belief at all. I had become totally atheist. I was entirely against the idea of a God or a Devil. My wife told me that she believed I needed an exorcist. I was to the point of seeking not God, but a gram of Heroin to end my life. This was absolutely the worst I had ever been-a lost soul. But, God wasn’t finished with me just yet. I somehow miraculous agreed to try Set Free (God’s Ranch) once again. I came here totally destroyed; mentally, physically, and most definitely spiritually. I was broken, but by God’s wonderful grace I was saved. I have been here thirty days now and God has given me hope that I can be okay and hope that I can be the man that I am called to be. I pray every day that I live not for myself, but for God.

–Joe Graham

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