I am ready to obey—Testimony by James Reno

My name is James. I was lost in SIN. A Christian can be lost in SIN. In 1968, my grandmother would take us to her church. Like most children the fun of playing and traveling through camp meetings became a regular summer activity for my family. My mother’s mom, whom we called Mommy Adee’. Momma Adee’ carried three children, her grandchildren. Me, James, my sister Cindy and Mark my little brother. As the oldest brother I always thought was the smartest. Every Saturday night the kids sang songs and cried out for Jesus. I got saved and accepted Jesus in my heart through those Saturday night gatherings. Some moments or nights we raised our hands and or lay on our backs and cried out “Jesus”, “Jesus”, “Jesus” repeatedly….while crying and hugging each other. We poured out our needs or love for wanting the love of Jesus , “Jesus”, “Jesus”, “Jesus”, “Jesus”. Now at sixty years old I have used and misused drugs, overindulged in alcohol, watched too much porn. Addictions have destroyed many pearls I had. I give it all to Jesus. Now as before…Jesus I love you. Forgive me. Amen

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