My Testimony—Michael Thomas

Hi my name is Michael Thomas, I am twenty-eight years old. Long before coming to God’s Ranch, I was living my life in darkness. Depression, anger, self pride ,and addiction ruled over me. Satan sent his spirit eating demon Al-Kuhl to consume me, to break my spirit, to hurt the ones that I loved and those who loved me and to ask foolishly. I was selfish and hadn’t a care in the world for anything. All I cared about was when I was going to put that bottle to my lips and throw that liquor down my throat, for a false illusion of feeling good, the booze made me feel good and I loved it. I have done a lot of foolish things while intoxicated. By the grace of God I didn’t kill myself or anyone else while behind the wheel. God spoke to me and made me realize that I had a problem. I tried on many occasions to fix my own self, but would always fail because I didn’t include God, nor put my problems in His hands. I finally asked Jesus for help from my Lord and Savior to save me, yet again. So he brought me to God’s Ranch to fix me, to show me the light beyond my darkness, and to get closer to Him and His Word. With Jesus in my life

–Michael Thomas

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