Testimony—Joe Graham

This time here at God’s Ranch has been a new experience. I did not want to come. I totally sacrificed my wants, my fears and myself because my family desperately wanted me to come here. At the time I was 100% sure that my wife and daughters were all working toward getting rid of me for good. I was mentally tortured on my own accord for the first two weeks of being here. I felt like I lost everything as a result of my choices and my alcohol and drug use. I was at what I would call my rock bottom. So, I prayed. I was told that I had to leave it at the foot of the cross and ask for God’s forgiveness and for His will to be done. So, as hard as it seemed at the time, this is what I did. I felt like I was accepting defeat. I was now officially a loser. I continued to pray. I continued to ask for strength and clarity as to what I needed to do. I begged God to please not take my family from me. I begged him to please give me one last chance to prove my love and commitment to Him. They say we have to surrender to win and that’s what happened. I surrendered. Slowly my mind started to clear and I felt a sense of hope. I started to give 100% of myself to God and to this ranch. I started to feel God working in my life, for this I am grateful. Why I said in the beginning that this has been a new experience is because the fear that I experienced was what cause me to get more focused, read my Bible, put 100% into my homework and pray about everything. I believe that it is a true gift from God that He has given me this chance. I owe all the praise and glory to my Lord Jesus Christ. I am beginning this mission to live my life glorifying God in all that I do, being clean and sober and being The husband and father that I am called to be. Thanks be to God for this opportunity.

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