Every day Disciples at God’s Ranchhave the opportunity to learn about our Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ through functions centered around the infallible Word of God. We get up early in the morning, at 5:45 except on Saturday and Sunday. At 6:15 we have our morning prayer circle where we usher in the Holy Spirit and pray for God to lead, guide and direct us.

Shortly afterward we have our first Bible-Based Function-“Proverbs” where we journey through the Book of Proverbs each month by reading the Daily Chapter which corresponds to the Calendar Date- Proverbs has 31 Chapters!  After reading the chapter, we go around the group and expound on a verse, verses, or the whole chapter and share how we can apply the passage of Scripture into our daily personal walk with Jesus!

At 7:15 we enjoy a nutritious breakfast “Ranch-Style”. Our typical breakfast consists of Oatmeal, Rice Pudding, Corn Meal Mush, Grits, Cereal or something similar, except on Sundays where we are treated to Pancakes, Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy, or something else special. Our Work Blessing Crews get dispatched with their daily assignments. The rest of the men participate in House Blessings, a time where we bless this house that the Lord has given us, God’s Ranch, by cleaning and maintaining the gift that the Lord has bestowed upon us, promoting the good stewardship that is spoken of in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 19 verse 17

“‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’ (Lk 19:17 NIV)”

After an hour of house blessing the men have an hour of “free time” in which to pray, fellowship, study the Word, our do the daily Homework assignment. Ranch Disciples are assigned Homework Daily to help them further their personal and spiritual growth by summarizing the featured Daily chapter from the Gospels and applying the chapter that they read into their daily Christian Lifestyle.

At 10AM we have Memory Verses. God’s Word tell us in Psalm 119:11, “Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.” In Memory verses, disciples work through groups of verses designed to be memorized, focusing on the theme of salvation, the promise of the Lord, the conduct of a Christian and the lessons that the Lord Jesus taught for all of the Church to be prepared to fulfill the calling upon them, being the Great Commission mentioned in the closing of the Gospel of Matthew.

At 11AM we have Morning Bible Study. Our Morning Bible Studies are taught by staff Pastors, Overseers, or teachers from the Community. Morning Bible Studies are closed-format style (like in Church on Sunday) questions being permitted after the study is complete.

After Morning Bible Study we line up for lunch.

Our “Ranch Style” Lunch typically consists of Soup du Jour, with plenty of bread available to go with it.  Following Lunch the Disciples sit down in fellowship together at 12:30 PM for Afternoon Bible Class – (ABCs) where each Disciple has the opportunity of discussing a particular verse (or set of verses) that holds particular meaning – applying it to overcoming their past, uplifting their current walk with the Lord or touching on the hopes that they have for a future rooted in Jesus Christ.

The last function of the afternoon is Testimonies at 130 PM- Revelation 12:11 reminds us: “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”Our testimonies are very powerful. We share what Jesus is doing in our lives- the mighty works , miracles witnessed and lessons learned. By sharing these Testimonies we remind ourselves of the great and wonderful things God has showed us and the change he has made in us, and by sharing our testimonies we help encourage others who may have gone through or may be going through similar experiences, thus edifying the body of Christ. By publicly professing what the Lord is doing in our lives it helps build our confidence in sharing the goodness and the Good News of God with others.

After Testimonies we have ranch free time from 2PM-4:45PM. This is an opportunity for the men to self-study, fellowship, workout, shower, throw horseshoes, shoot hoops, or nap. At 4:45 PM Dinner is served. A typical Ranch Style Dinner consists of Beans and Rice (or Rice and Beans), except on Tuesdays and Fridays which are “Meat Nights” on which our taste buds are treated to a wide variety of culinary creations- anything from delectable Nachos to savory Spaghetti.

After Dinner at 6PM we have our Evening Function-Praise and Worship and Bible Study where we usher in the Holy Spirit through our praise and recieve a powerful message delivered by our Staff Pastors, Overseers, or Special Guest Speakers from the community.

After Praise and Worship at 7:30 PM we close the day the same way as it started…in Prayer. We assemble together for Evening Prayer Circle and Pray out the day.

At the Ranch we Put Jesus Number One, which is where he needs to be–The Center of Our Universe-after all he created it. Our Discipleship ranches are available at no cost for those who are willing to set apart sixty-days to separate themselves from “the world” and its daily temptations and begin to live the life God would have for them.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs, alcohol, homelessness, distress from life’s crises, or are just trying to draw closer to the Lord, God’s Ranches may be the answer. For more information or for intake interview please call (760) 868-3805

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Jesus Loves You and God Bless You!

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