God’s Ranches Mission:

Set Free Church of the High Desert offers discipleship ranches for both men and women (including children). God’s Ranches serve to help participants to learn to surrender their lives to Jesus and to begin to live the life that God has for them. The Ranch programs allow participants to separate themselves from “the World” and its daily temptations and have a time set apart for focusing and growing in the Lord. Our programs are available to all those who are distressed from the many crises of life, including but not limited to substance abuse, homelessness, loneliness, or total lack of self discipline. Many “programs” in the world teach 12 steps, what we offer at the ranch is One Step-Jesus! By building a relationship with the Lord and welcoming Him into our lives we experience heart transformation and life transformation. The Word tell us in Ezekiel 36:36,” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” For many participants, the ranch programs are their first real exposure to Jesus, some welcoming Him into their lives for the first time. Others use their time here to draw even closer to the Lord.

Our Bible Studies emphasize the saving power of Christ, forgiving our sins past, present, and future, God’s Grace, and His Love. We emphasize prayer, fellowship, and Bible Study, key components for a successful relationship with the Jesus-if you lose one, the others quickly follow. We teach work ethic and self discipline by waking up early, following a regimented schedule, and by sending disciples out on work blessings in the community. We encourage the men to share their faith with others through daily testimonies as well as outreach opportunities. We remind disciples daily that no matter what Jesus Loves them (Romans 8:38-39) , we encourage them that they have a future and a hope in Christ (Jeremiah 29:11), and we remind them that no matter what circumstances they are facing to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus! (Matthew 14:30)