I am brother Jeremiah and this is my testimony. I can remember even at an early age knowing that God had a call on my life. As a child, I had good Christian parents, went to Sunday school and church most weeks. I had some foundation in the Lord; But as a got older I started to drift. As a teen I went to church and even got involved in the miscellaneous ministries there– the Choir, Church Visitation, and I even taught first and second grade Sunday School. But while I might have looked good on the outside, I wasn’t being completely real with God (or myself really) on the inside. I had good motives, but Christ had become religion for me, and Christ is not a religion.  I am not even really sure to this day if I was really serving Christ back then, but I sure thought I was. I certainly know I did not have the kind of passion for his presence as I do now. My prayer life was all about me– “Give me this, I want that bless me Lord I pray….” When I read my Bible it  wasn’t out of hunger or desire…it was because I knew I was supposed too, and those times I did crack the book, it was because I pretty well forced myself to. Slowly but surely I buckled under the shell of legalism I had built, and it broke. Anyway I wasn’t nearly as clean on the inside as I was on the outside. A part of me was rebellious, a part of me was conformed to the pattern of the world. Very soon the Bible, prayer, and fellowship took a much lower priority in my life, replaced instead by compromises and sin. It didn’t happen over night. I did not just wake up one day and say, “I am going to rebel against God, fall head long into sin, and give Satan a complete foothold in my life!” Little compromises day by day. If I went to church, it would be to hang out, socialize, and meet girls. It wasn’t about Jesus, it wasn’t real. Throughout my life wrong motives began replacing pure ones. Life was seemingly going well for me for a while. I had a good job, a nice place to live and nice things. I never gave God glory or credit for anything. Sin completely displaced God in my life. If someone had asked me when I was 20 if I would ever use drugs or alcohol for that matter, I would have told them that would never happen– I encouraged other young people to straighten out their lives.  But by the time I was 30,  I was a junkie, I was sticking a needle in my arm several times a day, and deceiving myself into believing I was still serving Jesus.  I was stealing, I was lying, I was cheating. His grace was sufficient for me, right?   If Jesus had come back in that moment in my life should I have expected to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant?” or “Depart from me you worker of iniquity”! Grace is a wonderful thing yes, but it came at a great price, Christ crucified.. It is not the great cover up! It enables us to serve God to our full potential.  My lifestyle certainly did not reflect the Lordship of Jesus nor did it bear any kind of reverence for what He did for me on the cross. Just like all the other “relationships” in my life, I was taking advantage.

I have been at Set Free Men’s Ranch now for more than eight years and have been sober my whole time here, to the praise of His glorious grace. I have a real relationship with God now and I love serving him, and sharing the gospel message with others. I am fulfilling that call on my life that God had for me. Jesus can break the chains of bondage in your life– He can free you of sins and addictions; He can heal your broken heart. I encourage anyone who may be reading this testimony today, if you have not yet invited Jesus Christ into your heart, or have not yet really given place to Him as Lord and Master of your life, make that decision for Him. Come to Jesus! Don’t receive the grace of God in vain.“For He says:  “ In an acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold now is the accepted time; behold now is the day if salvation”  (2 Co 6:2) God bless you!

—Jeremiah Oldfield

P.S. Jesus Loves You!

P.P.S Jesus Loves You!



The Rico

First I want to say all glory to our Father, God Almighty, God of all creation, We praise His Name and the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord of all, Lord of Lords, King of Kings. Grace, peace, and love from the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. I love being saved. About a year ago, everything you just read or heard was never spoken by my self. Hi, Hello and Greetings my name is Ricardo Daniel Valle, a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and true believer in the  Father and His almighty power of resurrection, our Lord and King from the grave, three days after His crucifixion. I don’t really know where to start from. I’d rather speak about the love of God and boast in Christ crucified, but this is my testimony. Well, I’ll tell you what I can about myself and boast in Christ. Well I am 30 yrs. old presently, born in West Covina, raised in San Bernardino, 23 yrs of my life in San Bernardino, roughly 61/ 2in different areas, and one year in a place where I found everything I needed, Set Free Phelan, California. Glory to God. I grew up as a regular kid with a typical family. You know-Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Grandma, Grandpa, so on and so forth. I was taught to have respect for elders, others, and myself; and good manners and morals. I remember going to church a little bit– just enough to find out about Jesus Christ, whom I fell in love with, but not enough to know about Him or exactly what He did. Love at first Sight. Everything was normal, I guess close to basic till I about 10 or 11 years old and I had my encounter with a drug known as Marijuana. Around the same time I was hanging out with a group of fellas in the neighborhood, and the marijuana use became fervent. At 13 years old I started drinking, mainly every weekend. When I hit high school I started missing class. At 15 Y/O I started using meth, crystal meth. I used it whenever it was offered or around me. Also freshman year of High School, I was gang affiliated. I became the black sheep of the family. My family always spoke about the things I was doing wrong. After a few different High Schools I didn’t make it to graduation. At 18 y/o I got in a car and wrecked it bad enough that I should have never woke up from it. Glory to the Father in Heaven, He had a plan for me. I love our Father and Jesus Christ, the Author of our Salvation. Still believing and praying, I was speaking to Jesus Christ. I always spoke to Him mainly about how I was feeling or things I was going through. My best friend, my Master, My Love, My Savior. Blessed is He who believe without seeing. Hallelujah, God Bless. At 19 or 20 y/o I got a job, my son was born, Ricardo Daniel Valle, Jr. I lost jobs, my relationship got rocky. I had girlfriends that didn’t work out, drugs and drinking were still in my life. At 23 y/o I hit the bottom hard and remained there. A lot of things started happening, but its not like I was completely innocent/ I lost a great job, and a great girl, because of drugs and stupidity. Truthfully to speak boldly in all I believe God being my strength.  At 19 y/o I told Jesus I wanted to be an angel in His army-wings, flaming sword, everything. At 24 y/o when everything came crumbling down, I asked God for the truth, feeling like I was being cheated on and heavily using drugs. Something completely unexpected happened-everyone turning their back on me, being used of kindness, and being in a lust infested neighborhood. From 23 or 24 y/o until April 10th, 2016. I was in and out of incarceration, living in different places, raising my firstborn. I had another kid, Jeremiah Matthew Valle-my firstborn is turning 11 soon, my second will turn 3 soon. Made it out of a dark place and position, and finally have made it to where I honestly believe God has planned when I asked to be in His Army and asked to know the truth. For my testimony through the power of and the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of the Lamb, that I now evangelize, and study the Word of God, here in Set Free, Phelan, CA. I learned about the Man I fell in love with at 4 yrs. Old, and about Our Father, God of all Creation, The One who spoke life into existence. I have been sober for over a year which is the longest I have been completely sober and vigilant since I was ten years old.  Glory to our Father in Heaven. Everything restored, past washed away. I have decided to follow Jesus, forever, wholeheartedly, serve Him and bring as many to Christ as I can for as long as I am here in the world. Now I am a new creation in Christ and not of this world. Praise be to our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen—Ricardo Valle


David Smith

I, David Lavern Smith tell my true testimony. At 17 years old I was smoking marijuana at the starting phases of my drug life before knowing the Lord. I witnessed my one and only dad, Donald Wayne Smith die in front of me at home in Santa Ana, CA of a heart attack. I started using cocaine and slamming the drug. It got to be so bad of a habit I was seeing spirits at every window of our house and they were calling me by name and had the appearance of  a large grim reaper and had eyes of fire. At this age I was 21 years old. I overdosed and ended up in a care unit in orange county and then a recovery program,. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I got out and backslid back into slamming cocaine again at 23 years old. I mixed a quarter of coke and a quarter of meth and injected it and my heart stopped. I died, yes dead. I floated down a tunnel of darkness with a light at the end, to the left side in utter darkness I could hear thousands upon thousands of crying voices that were driven by the loudest voice. At the end of the tunnel I saw Jesus floating in the air with His Arms wide open and a smile on His face. I was like dead at His feet crying and weeping for His forgiveness. In a flash, I was in His arms and He was holding me and He told me things that were going to happen and everything that He said came to pass. He told me, I was needed here on earth and if I used drugs and needles the way I was using that he would destroy my flesh in order to save my soul. Immediately, I was back into my body and my mother was holding my hand and I could still see the needle in my arm. So I removed it and threw it away from me. But my heart was in a lot of pain and the voice of the Lord told me and warned me the Spirit of God was coming down and the brilliance we could not look upon. So I warned my mom and it did. We turned our heads and the brightest light ever came through the ceiling and touched my big toe, then in a flash it was gone and I was back to life in an instant. I tried serving God but kept falling back into drugs and the bondage thereof. I got married at 28 years old at Church of the New Order (Orange County). I started drinking alcohol badly and doing meth again. In 1995 I got divorced and my path of destruction continued off and on all through my life. I would repent, do good, then fall every time until I was 52 years old/Single, living in Apple Valley, CA, smoking and slamming meth, living with dealers, I was slamming a gram at a time and I blacked out and snapped. I told God I wasn’t ever going to try and serve Him and never call on His name ever! That same hour I was handcuffed and being incarcerated in the back of a police car (for nothing). I didn’t believe I did anything wrong. I cried out to the Lord from the back seat, ”I’m so sorry Lord,” but I was given 23 days for a true repentance and when my heart was right the Lord got all the charges dropped and I was released. I surrendered my whole life and heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and He led me to Set Free Men’s ranch to show me how to truly serve Him August 15th, 2016 He has never been so real! He took every bondage and addiction away, forever! I will never look back. I just want to serve him and do whatever His will is for my life, forever.


—-David L. Smith