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Are You Looking for a church where you know you are loved and welcome. Look no further. We’d like to cordially invite you to come fellowship with us and be a part at Set Free Church of the High Desert. We have our Sunday Morning service at 10AM at the Phelan Community Center 4128 Warbler Road, Phelan, CA 92371. We also host an Exciting Midweek Refresher Bible Study at our God’s Ranch Campus-4751 Nyack Road in Phelan, 6PM every Wednesday evening. Come Feast in the Lord! Remember, a busy church is a growing church! We have opportunities all through out the week not to just “go to church” but to be the Church! Come be a part.  For more information or to plan to be a part of what God is doing in us, through us, and to us please call (760) 868-3805. God bless you always and remember-JESUS LOVES YOU!

To Give and Support the Work of the Lord Through This Ministry Please Send Checks or

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Set Free Church

PO BOX 291265

Phelan, CA 92329

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“Set Free Church”

Jesus Loves You and God Bless You!