As we are growing in God’s Word, I invite you to come and be a part of us as we grow. If you want to genuinely grow in spiritual maturity, it is not enough to simply be instructed by the Word.

You may be going to church or listening to Christian radio programs. You might talk about everything you hear and assume you’re growing because your knowledge is increasing. However, if you don’t actually grow closer to God, by allowing His Word to change you from the inside out, your head will merely continue to fill with information.

Spiritual Growth  is the result of practicing the truth you receive from God. He wants you to give away what he gives you . That is accomplished by loving and serving others and sharing the truth of the gospel. Our example is Jesus who said that He did not come to be served, but to serve even the lowest outcasts in His society (Matt 20:28). He could have exalted Himself and spent all His time preaching and teaching. Instead, Jesus did the Father’s will which was to reveal His heart of love to a broken world.

—Pastor Ron Thomas