Family Day is a time when the church can come together as a family and fellowship. It also serves to facilitate an opportunity for the Disciples in the Discipleship homes to enjoy an extended time of visitation with their Families allowing God’s Spirit to continue to restore and reconcile broken relationships. Our Family Day service kicks off with an exciting time of Praise and Worship, Testimonies, the Word, Baptisms, and then a potluck. Family Days are held the third Sunday of every month. For more information or to plan to participate, please contact the Church Office at (760) 868-3805

Here is what happened during one recent Family Day:

Family Day November 2017

@ Family Day today we were privileged to celebrate Jesus alongside Pastor Daniel and the crew from Set Free Desert Center.

The House was Packed!

After we opened up with Prayer and Announcements, Desiree and Lizzie led us on some praise and worship.

Then We took up our tithes and offerings. Pastor Karen along with Dave and Debbie shared In the Garden and also Amazing Grace (Set Free Style)

Then Brother Rico Opened up the Floor for a time of Testimonies. People shared what Jesus is doing in their lives.


Then We turned the service over to Pastor Daniel and our Family from Set Free Desert Center and they ROCKED THE HOUSE!


Pastor Daniel Shared from Ephesians Chapter 4:17-32

We must put off the old self and put on the new self. We must work together in Unity because we are the body of Christ and the body is one, it mustn’t be divided. We must not give the devil even a little opening into our minds our our hearts. We are new creations in Christ.

Afterward we had a time of baptism, fellowship, and food. Five men outwardly demonstrated the inward change the Lord is doing in them and publicly professed their faith through baptism.

We would like to thank our beautiful blessed family from Set Free Desert Center for sharing and fellowshipping with us today. It was a joy to be with you and we love you and hope to have you again soon. For those of you who came to service today as guests…you are no longer guests. You are family! We’d love to see you, Wednesday Nights and Sundays, and if the Lord Leads sometime in between. Remember, we love you, but most importantly JESUS LOVES YOU!


2 thoughts on “Family Day

  1. Hey Set Free its Thomas I want to give u guys a heads up my sister isnt doing well and I need your help my mom and I out im not gonna put her business out there cause its not my place but if u can my moms would really like an email back thank you guys so much and god bless

  2. My daughter says she is willing to go to rehab. shwe clearly needs help and Gods first and foremost. she has lived a hard life but most that God uses has lead this kind of strife filled life on their own or not . I pray that God will find her and carry her threw this and complete her as he does me! thank you for your time and interest in this matter. most sincerely a Concerned mother, a scared mother & a child of HIS HEAVENLY FATHER, THE ALMIGHTY , THE FATHER OF MAN…., God calling for her father to come and make right what she can not!

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