My Name is Amber, I am 32 years old and this is my testimony. Well, growing up was very difficult for me. Both of my parents were absent a majority of my upbringing. As a child I experienced different variations of abuse. As I grew into a teenager I ventured on into hardcore substance abuse and with that came traumatic situations. I lost my cousin at 16. Then I just kind of went really wild, into very self-destructive behaviors. I wanted nothing more than not to feel anything. I was in and out of group homes and foster homes and on this crazy mission to completely destroy myself. Then I became a mother at the age of 23. I gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Kalib. Fresh out of prison I completed two residential programs. I thought I had it all figured out. Little did I know that I was only temporarily struggling to stay clean and not resolving the reasons as to why I would use. There would be periods where I would do really well and then I would relapse. There was so much pain and self hatred I carried with me. So, as time went on I was still very broken lost and struggling to live through guilt. Something had to change.  After a series of unfortunate events, my life was in complete shambles. My Dad tells the only way you can truly change your life is to go to the ranch. After some time away from my child, I ended up on the front porch of Set Free Women’s Ranch in Phelan. I was broken, tired, strung out on heroin. I was consumed with guilt and shame. During my stay at the ranch, I found it to be a home filled with love and so much healing and the one and only answer to all my sorrow. I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ./ Slowly, but surely the weights started falling off/ The ladies at the ranch would lay hands on me, pray for me and helped pave the way for a new way to live, buy preaching words found in the one and only manuscript on how to live righteously called the Holy Bible. I was once broken, lost, condemned and filled with sorrow and severe heart aches. As I write this testimony now, I am completely reborn and ready to live my life according to God’s will. I am forever grateful to God for this mercy and grace. I am forever grateful to Set Free Women’s Ranch for having such great women of God to help me transform into what God destined for me to be,

Thankful Forever,