Hey everyone my name is Andrew. I am twenty-four years old. I am a meth addict and I’ve been saved by the blood of Christ.
My story goes like this. I’ve been I n and out of group homes all my life. My mom dies three years ago. Well, I grew a strong hatred toward my family, but not only because of the lies, stealing, and abuse.
While I was growing up with my dad and in group homes, I was bullied in High School even though I was always in my books and a star player for my team, taking care of my brothers and sisters. But being that caring older brother I thought I was and loving and protecting them, I felt that it wasn’t my responsibility as a kid to be a parent at a young age. But I did it because my heart told me to. I hated my life and my story and my family because of what they were as people. But I could never figure out why, until now. My dad got me out of the group home when I was sixteen. I thought he took my life away from me. I never understood why until my grandma told me-because he loved me, no matter what the cost was.
Yeah, I had a lot of hatred to the people that loved me, cared for me, and more. But now, I love my family because Christ Jesus turned my life upside down. In a blink of an eye, washing away my sins with His blood and loving me for who I was. Because He saved me from my evil ways and Satan because I know he’s mad going to the gum working out trying to get me back. I know that I am a baby Christian in Him, but I am in training too.
I am like a young eagle in Christ. Never giving up and never stopping fighting for survival like Christ Jesus did for me on that cross. But now I am learning, I can fly faster, stronger, wiser and healthier in Christ. I can help win this war between right and wrong and I am thankful for everything God has put me through. I am a survivor in Christ-I am a survivor being homeless, and if I can do it out there, I can do it here. I am tired of falling short and nothing going anywhere in my life. I am thankful for Jesus Christ for loving me for who I am and not giving up on me.
Andrew Branchcomb


Even youths grow tired and weary,and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint(Is 40:30-31)