I come from a life of drugs, despair, and destruction. I was fighting all my life and was always at odds with society. I grew up in a fast way and was always rebelling against everyone and everything. Needless to say, I was a lost cause, incarcerated for half of my thirty-seven year old life. I didn’t feel good or normal unless I was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I was engaged and had a son but I ruined that relationship due to using drugs and alcohol and all the nonsense that goes along with it. I came to a point where I didn’t care about life anymore. All I wanted to do was stay high and drunk and forget about life and reality. I was spinning in a whirlwind headed straight for death. But I found hope in God and I am so blessed even just to be alive and here today. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I am so thankful to Him for paying the price for all my sins and forgiving me so that I could be made right with God. He spared my life and saved my soul. God is my Rock and Protector. Under His wings do I tread. He is opening my eyes in ways that I can see clearer than ever before. And I see this-That if He can save me, He can save anyone! If He can change me, He can change anyone! My life to me now days has one main motive and agenda, and that is to be a blessing and encouragement to people in the way of Jesus Christ and not be a burden or discouragement like before. My heart’s desire is to help win souls over for God’s kingdom. For I know that is where my home land  is.  As for now, I’m just a pilgrim passing through.


My Name is Daniel Svedin. Thanks for letting me share.