Hi World,

My Name is Donald Dougherty and I have been a drug addict, a drunk, a criminal, and a list of other things that I am not proud of over the 43 years of my life. I am blessed to say in my past, I have twice really lived for Jesus. Both times were three years before a backslid and went back to my ways. It seems I have always believed in God and Jesus but for whatever reason, He wasn’t first in my life. Well now, God has led me to the Set Free Men’s Ranch which is a sixty-day discipleship training. I came wanting to get closer to God. Me, Myself, and I, well I will call it a blessing because everything I have tried to do turned out to be nothing and all I know is I am nothing without Jesus. They call this place God’s Ranch—they even have a sign on the front gate. I have been here about fifty days. There is not enough paper in the world to write down neither everything He has done in my life nor the things I have seen Him doing in my brothers’ lives here.

The grates thing I have learned since I have been here is it is no longer my life…I have to die to myself and let God be God, and His gifts and His blessings to me are nothing but heavenly. I know Jesus is real. The truth is I can see and feel Him living on the inside of me. I am still not perfect, He is, THE LORD IS! Thank God I am saved by grace. Eternal life is a gift to all who believe in Jesus. I don’t worry about going back to my old self. Since I have been at the ranch, I have fallen in love with Jesus. He will always be the Lord of my Life

Jesus Loves You and so do I


–Donald Dougherty, November 8th, 2017