I remember feeling like I wasn’t good enough; had me questioning myself, I wasn’t sure enough. Had me looking in the mirror trying to analyze my figure. I ain’t perfect and I felt I always put myself in a bad place. I was always in a fast pace. I knew I loved God even when I didn’t love myself and every time I leaned on my own understanding, I got nowhere. I can say I am still a mess; however, to know the Father is walking with me, I am able to pull through all my addictions and backslides I have done to myself. The choice to L.G.L.G –Let Go Let God has shown me once again that I am able to be loved and my Lord never let me fall into my darkest moments alone, I was always held close to my God, always reminding me if He is with us, who can be against us. In this last year, God has pulled me through jail and addiction and He has given me my daughter again, the strength to pull away from a bad abusive relationship, and court approval to see my man who is doing his all to be for God (Eric Fernandez). God has given me much more to live for and much more ability to stay in my word.  Ex 14:14 The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

Elaina Goodman