My name is Fred Torres and this is my testimony. I was in the streets, beat up and drugged out-a slave to sin until the day I couldn’t take it anymore and prayed. I prayed for God to take all the pain away. Next thing you know, I was here at the ranch- not knowing what to expect but too tired to fight it. Upon arriving here, I was greeted by love by my overseers and brothers who told me no matter what I’ve been through, Jesus loved me and so did they. I saw something in them I wanted and that something was Jesus, so I picked up mu Bible. At first the Word wasn’t speaking to me. I still hadn’t fully surrendered so the Lord broke me down in the form of a letter from my beautiful babies’ mother. After I got that letter I cried and left everything in His Hands-my kids, her, and all my other trouble and picked the Bible back up, then all of the sudden it started making sense. God was speaking to me. After that, the blessings haven’t stopped. I got to go out and feed the homeless. It’s such a humbling experience to see God’s glory at work. I have gone to Post Acute to talk with the elderly. To see the look on their faces when we show up is priceless. Without God, I would have never been a part of any of it. Now today is my bless out day and I am sad to go, but excited to do God’s work. I will miss all my Set Free Family here at the ranch. May God bless you all.

Fred Torres

December 26th, 2017