My Name is Jacob Robert Anderson and I am 27 years old and I am currently a disciple here at the Set Free Men’s Ranch in Phelan. I have been here at the ranch for over three months now and God has already done so much for me in such a short amount of time. For one he has given me the gift of salvation and deemed me worthy to inherit the kingdom of heaven. He has also taken me from being homeless and provided a roof over my head with clothes on my back and food in my stomach. He has also taken my drug addiction of ten years away and has given me my sobriety back and if that wasn’t enough-He’s using me, somebody who used to be homeless to go out and feed the homeless-now physically but more importantly Spiritually. God is truly using me to further His Kingdom for His glory. He has turned me around from being selfish, only caring about myself to being selfless and wanting to help others. I find myself now having a hunger to go out to the highways and byways and spread the good news and I get pure joy in doing that. To be able to go out and help the people in need and go visit the elderly at the convalescent home and put a smile on their faces is something I never thought I would be doing;but, it just shows me how much God has delivered me from so much pain and misery that it is my time to give back and glorify His Name for the rest of my life. PRAISE HIM FOREVER!! God Bless.

–Jake Anderson, November 7th, 2017