My Name Is Jennifer Smith and this is my testimony. I had an amazing childhood, wonderful parents, and a husband of twenty years, three beautiful kids, the house, the cars, and the career. There was a point of my life where I thought I had it all-Everything you dream about as a young girl, thy typical American Dream, I suppose.

On the outside it all looked so good, but o n the inside there was a feeling of loneliness, there was a void, something was missing. While searching for that missing piece is where I met and fell in love with Vodka. Love at first sight, Vodka filled the void, kept me company, and numbed the pain. It didn’t take long however that drinking took over my whole life and became most important. I lost all control. Instead of numbing my pain, my drinking caused nothing but pain. This darkness, the sickness not only affected me, but it affected everyone around me, everyone that I loved and everyone that loved me.

Vodka, my drinking took everything from me, everything that mattered. I lost everything-total destruction, complete chaos. I hit rock bottom.

I tried everything I could to make it stop-treatment after treatment. I spent eleven years trying to take my life back, trying to gain control. With every attempt just came failure. I lost the battle; I had enough so I gave up and decided to end the suffering. So I tried to take my own life. Well obviously my attempt failed because I’m here sharing my testimony. There had to be a reason, a better purpose for my life.

A few months prior to this attempt to end it all, someone had told me about this place called Set Free that was structured around God. Honestly with nothing left to lose, I called the ranch. Turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. Broken, lost and afraid I walked through the door of the Women’s Ranch and was welcomed with open arms. I was surrounded by beautiful, powerful God-fearing women. These women were inspiring to me and showed me love. They knew the Lord and how to allow God to work in their lives. I always believed in God, but that was all. I didn’t know Him. I never even opened a Bible until I got to the ranch. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put it down. I became hungry for the Word. Guide me, Teach me, everything you know, share His Word with me. It was the most incredible feeling I ever had when my heart was opened and I found God living inside of me. The past that caused so much pain and shame, He completely forgave me. The piece that was missing now has been made whole with His unconditional love. My darkness has been turned into light. The chains have been broken, my heart mended-I have been saved. I am alive and I have a purpose and with God I know all things are possible. This relationship I am building with my God, My Savior has been the best experience ever, almost indescribable, absolutely incredible.

So Thank You to the women at the Ranch for opening that door with your open arms and your inspiration so that I now have God on my side working in my life.



Jennifer Smith