Hello, my name is Johnny Price and this is my story. I was born February 19th, 1968 in the steel town of Fontana, CA. My Dad worked at Kaiser Steel and I had an okay childhood. My parents did the best they could. I lost my mom when I was twenty due to lung cancer and lost my dad when I was thirty. He got hit by a car and I miss them both a lot. So my twenties and the first part of my thirties were filled with drug use and drinking to cover up the pain of losing my parents. Through that time, I got shot stabbed, and committed many felonies for which I got caught.

Only by God’s grace, I went to court in San Bernardino and landed in drug court instead of going to prison. I was placed in (court-mandated) Salvation Army. By this time I had been married three years and had two daughters, ages one and two. It was September, 2001 because the twin towers had just been attacked and I went into the chapel by myself at the Salvation Army. I got on my knees at the altar in extreme brokenness because of the loss of my parents and what seemed like the loss of my wife and children. I confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior and with tears rolling down my face asked God how to get my family back. With a soft inner voice, God told me to “Stay Sober and follow Me!” That was the start of my relationship with Jesus. I struggled with backsliding for the next few years until 2007 when I went to Set Free Ranch in Cabazon which really ignited my passion to serve God! God restored my family and guided me into a wonderful career in plumbing. For the next nine years my wife and I raised our daughter up in Christ and to this day they serve Him and their young adult lives are blessed. When our daughters were out on their own, I dropped my Armor of God and hit that very slippery slope and fell back into the bondage of alcohol. I left God, but he never left me, which is why I am on God’s Holy Ground here at Set Free Phelan for the second time in a year. After my commitment here, I am going back to Set Free Needles to continue seeking God with hunger and passion so I don’t ever have to be in bondage to alcohol again. On June 26th, my wife and I are renewing our vows on our twenty year anniversary. Our God will never leave us or forsake us! I love you all!

–John Price