To all the saints:

Greetings, my name is Michael Raymond McGee II, and this is my testimony.

Since my early years as far as my early twenties, I have always been a good person. I went to church every now and then, but wasn’t quite understanding. But then something traumatic happened. My uncle was killed by an Amtrak train. This was the first person I have ever known to die. And as a result, I was there dealing with going to my first funeral. I then began to doubt. I had started to run amuck around the streets, doing drugs and not caring about my life. Things got so bad for mw, I then was sent to live with my dad in Louisiana. I went there and then God began to shake up my world. He had a plan that I was unaware of. I’ve never completely surrendered myself to God. So then I became homeless out in Louisiana. I was forced to turn to God. But little did I know it became the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I got baptized and felt great. Then the journey began to come back home. I left Louisiana and came home to be surprised that I had already burned all my bridges. So me, trying it on my own, I became depressed again. But God is so good. There is a place of refuge He told me. When I was thinking I can make it in this world, I wasn’t wrong, but I sure wasn’t right. I can make it, but only with Him. God showed me so much mercy that I survived two car accidents within the same week, and still I lived. The cars were totaled. He saved me because He has a plan for my life. The very reason why I m here today to give my testimony, that if God can save me and show me, then wretched sinful man that I am, mercy and love—He can for anyone. So I encourage you to stay strong and don’t give in to lies. Give it all you got with God on your side. For He loves me and He loves you. The Bible says, “Many are called, but few are chosen” I m ever so grateful, He chose me. I thank you and God bless. Remember to keep God first and the results are endless.