Greg Ross’s Testimony

Going out to evangelize with Rico and the guys is truly an amazing experience. Just being used by God to help minister, feed physically, and Spiritually and save lives in the community is a reward that cannot be explained unless you’ve had a chance to do so and have felt the Spirit of God move in your life. Do you believe in divine appointment? Well, I do! About a couple of weeks ago we ended up picking up some one who needed to go to the hospital while we were there outreaching to the community. Come to find out the man found out he needed open heart surgery and probably would have died if we hadn’t taken him to the hospital. It feels good to be used by God to serve, and I’ve found a peace that surpasses all understanding by helping others and surrendering to God. Thank You Jesus and May God Bless You. Amen

–Greg Ross, November 7th, 2017