On Saturday, October 11th, 2017, I went out with Rico, Overseer of the evangelism crew and after we pulled into the location and as we started to set up and people started pulling up and receiving the Lord’s blessing, which was free food, a couple of the brothers were shouting out and holding up a sign that said Set Free-Free Food!!

And many came by the dozens. The car lot was filling quickly. I was in the van passing out cases of Coconut water, canned goods, Sara Lee treats, and other cases–Just pumping it out as the brothers came to the van needing more.

It was awesome to be a part of what God was doing that day through me and my brothers from Set Free. We all got opportunities to pray with many-families, couples, and the homeless, planting seeds that day, sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and putting hope in people’s hearts. We shared the love of our Heavenly father as He has shown us.

Afterward, we were invited to another lunch-in from another church that was passing by watching what we were doing for the community that day. God poured out His blessing through us and on us. I’ll never forget that day, how God uses men like us through Set Free to reach out to the lost and the less fortunate. God is good! God has changed my life through Set Free Phelan Ranch.–Jesus Roldan 11/15/2017