Today I had the privilege of going to Apple Valley Post Acute Care Center in Apple Valley. It was so much more than telling someone about Jesus. I have grown close to many of the patients there. A wonderful sister in Christ by the name of Katrina stays there. Before going inside to spend time and visit them, the Spirit led me to pick out a rose so I could give it to her. The joy from this was overwhelming. The love of Christ allowed me to pour out naturally. The smiles didn’t stop there. We also went out to the highways and byways where the homeless camp out. Most people wouldn’t approach our lost brothers and sisters, whether it be from the stigma or from their harsh stares. Truth is they are human too. Their faces light up when they see us. Some tear up not understanding why we would simply want to give them a box of food. God’s love is greater than any of their problems. The hardness of their hearts vanishes instantly. When we offer prayer, the most common response is-YES PLEASE! Give God a chance to change your world.

–Wesley Becker, November 6th, 2017