I’ve never really been homeless, but I have been hopeless. I’ve been the person looking for something to believe in, and someone to love me. Passing out food to people on the streets seems to be more than an opportunity to feed them. It’s the chance to show them that there is a hope, that someone loves them no matter what their situation may be.

Acting on the Great Commission is reflective of God’s Heart for people who hurt. When we consistently feed them, speak with them, pray with them, it affords the opportunity to speak with them about their beliefs and ideally to be able to point them towards Christ.

It is difficult for me to see so many people in such a broken, inebriated state, but at the same time it pushes me to be Holy Spirit led, and seems to develop the Heart of God in a person. And if more of us had the Heart of God, homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, would be treated more like over eating or anger in church.

Sin is just that, sin.

People are just people, and every person deserves HOPE.

Zachary Brooks